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Mackenzie Clark


Mackenzie Clark began her Camera journey at the age of 8 in her home city Dallas, Texas. Her parents identified a creative attribute that lead them to gifting her with a camera which eventually lead to her profession.​


Mackenzie Clark received a B.A. in Business Administration. She received a Track & Field Scholarship & was also on the Coed Cheerleading team while managing clients back home in Dallas, TX!  


Furthermore, Clark was honored and presented with the "Entrepreneur Award" Scholarship, which was granted to a young business owner who displayed unyielding perseverance and unlimited determination.​


Mackenzie Clark secured a television Co-Star role in a new Tyler Perry Pilot (Caught Up, 2023). Additionally, Clark booked a Principal role in BET+'s newest Christmas movie "Never Alone for Christmas" set to premiere on December 7, 2023. ​


Clark was interviewed and featured on NBC News DFW & KERA Radio for her contributions to the community for students impacted by COVID-19; She blocked her booking schedule off for approximately two months to capture Free Prom Portraits for high school seniors, whose prom was canceled due to COVID-19.


​Additionally, Mackenzie is an Award Winning Music Video Director securing the title at the Chandler International Film Festival and the 2020 Georgia Shorts Film Festival. ​



Check out Mackenzie Clark in 'CAUGHT UP' on Bet+

Check out Mackenzie Clark in 'Never Alone for Christmas' on Bet+

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