Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography

2021 Contract

What is a Session?

A session is the amount of time you have for your session. In order to secure a portrait session with Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography, you must pay a NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee. The remaining balance is to be paid immediately after your session.  In the event of a client canceling, you will have to pay a new booking fee for a new date to confiscate for a potential client that could have been on your date. A new date equals a new booking fee. 



Cash & Card are only accepted. Checks are prohibited and will NOT be accepted. Your payment is due immediately after your session


Receiving Unedited/Raw Images

Our brand dives deeper than the image itself. RAW/unedited files are unfinished art, therefore, are not an accurate representation of the ‘Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography’ brand. It is our mission to deliver only the best of the best. Raw/unedited images are not released. 


Personal Problems / Unexpected Emergencies

We understand unfortunate events happen, however, if you decide to cancel due to any circumstances, you will have to pay a new booking fee


Copyright: You may NOT alter any image by Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography. This includes but is not limited to Instagram filters. When posting images, be sure to credit photographers on the appropriate platform. Your cooperation is expected and highly appreciated. All Rights Reserved. By booking a session, we grant you unlimited usage of images you purchase, not ownership. You may not sell or distribute any images by ‘Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography’ without the consent of the photographer.  


By submitting your electronic signature, you have read and agree with the Mackenzie Tyra Clark Photography Client Contract.